Book 3 of the Filth Monger Series

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If Grace hadn’t been sure if she should trust Nathaniel before, now she’s damned sure she shouldn’t. His reputation is in tatters, his every step dogged by Detective Inspector Brown. The DI’s determined to pin something on him and, when further dodgy dealings come to light, it seems she might get her way.

With Aimee’s mysterious disappearance close to being solved, he knows he should leave Grace alone, despite his feelings for her. Her public persona remains intact, for the moment at least, and the last thing she needs is to be caught up in the ever-tightening net that has him in its grip.

Besides, she has enough problems of her own. Leo’s on a downward spiral and Kim’s heading into a tail spin to rival her own. Doing her best to keep everyone happy, Grace is drawn into a web of lies and, when she confronts Max head-on, it may be kill-or-cure time for Kim.

It’s time for Grace to confront her own behaviour, and her feelings for the man the whole country now knows as The Filth Monger. As secrets are revealed, more lives are threatened and Grace has a decision to make. If she abandons Nat now, she’ll save her reputation but lose the man she loves. If she stands by him, she just might be putting her life on the line.

…She gave a harsh laugh.

‘I knew enough to know you fancied yourself as some kind of knight errant… the preux chevalier of spoilt rich boys.’

—Excerpt from Falling From Grace

The Filth Monger Trilogy

Annabel Chant's Filth Monger Series is a set of three interlinked, steamy Romantic Suspense novels, set in London. Due to scenes of an adult nature and some (extremely) bad language, they are intended for a mature readership.

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