Bad Grace

Book 2 of the Filth Monger Series

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Grace Anderton’s life is still spiralling out of control. Despite the lure of celebrity, she can’t seem to rein herself in, and finds herself drawn into yet another dangerous situation. Added to which, Leo still won’t accept that it’s over between them.

Desperate by now, she calls on the Filth Monger. Embroiled in a web of blackmail that threatens to expose his whole operation, his life is almost as out of control as hers. Despite his growing attraction towards her, he knows he should keep her at arm’s length. Against his better judgment, he offers to fulfil her fantasies, discretion assured and no questions asked.

Unsure if she can trust him, yet with no other option left to her, she takes him up on his offer. But is it really what either of them want? Will this be the undoing of them, or the start of something wonderful? Just when the stars finally seem to be aligning, Fate throws a curve ball that sends them both reeling.

Now she finally knows the Filth Monger’s true identity, will she be able to trust him, or will this latest revelation tear them apart forever?

If you like steamy romance with hot characters and pulse-pounding suspense, you’ll love Bad Grace. Get your copy today or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

I couldn’t believe it.

I could stand there and watch Felicity Flint getting double-teamed and feel nothing; I could discipline Charlotte, have her naked, crawling across my bedroom floor, and not react; yet one touch of this fragile, fucked-up little angel, and I was a mess.

—Excerpt from Falling From Grace

The Filth Monger Trilogy

Annabel Chant's Filth Monger Series is a set of three interlinked, steamy Romantic Suspense novels, set in London. Due to scenes of an adult nature and some (extremely) bad language, they are intended for a mature readership.

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